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Reverse Stick Shooting

The Reverse Stick Shot is a brilliant Weapon to have!

Often defenders will encourage you to go onto the Reverse to shoot, so you must know what to do when you get there.

  1. Prepare, by positioning the ball in front, in-line ideally with the right foot. Keeping your body to the left of the ball or inline.

  2. Dropping your weight is key, by lunging into position, off either left or right leg, Right leg is easier.

  3. As you push the ball out, prepare by bringing your hands together, and pointing your stick at the sky.

  4. Rotate your upper body, (chest area).

  5. Lean into the shot, but don't lean over too much.

  6. Aim to cut your shins in half, in Terms of how low you should get.

  7. Follow through with a powerful strike as opposed to 70/80% power as this can compromise the power of the hit.

  8. Have control and balance

  9. Keep your back foot on the floor ideally

  10. Aim far past

Good luck and happy Goalscoring


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