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Get saving with our discount vouchers

Awesome news, the new site launch has prompted the opportunity for you to once again save with our popular discount vouchers. But not for long! Save on all our camps & courses, and now we have it on the Small Group Sessions and 1-2-1s......

You can buy as many as you like, and these particular vouchers are only redeemable on our Autumn set of camps and courses. (September - December). This busy period will have camps in all our regular locations and the new ones, such as South Wales and Taunton.

How to buy? click on a link below, you'll then be redirected to Paypal. Submit your payment and we'll keep a record of your purchase. You'll get a receipt of the payment to us. When you come to book a course, select 'Redeem a voucher against course fee' and ignore the request for payment.

For 1-2-1 sessions, please get in touch directly so we can arrange these in advance in a location that is viable and appropriate.

Small Group & 1-2-1 Sessions: Buy 2 get 1 free, PURCHASE HERE.

25% off a 2 day camp, PURCHASE HERE.

25% off a three day camp, PURCHASE HERE.

25% off a GK Camp, PURCHASE HERE.

25% off a KLB Camp, PURCHASE HERE.

Thanks for all your continued support, we're glad to be able to offer these excellent discounts so your children can enjoy expert hockey coaching tuition and more...

Voucher sale ends Monday Morning, (15th May).

Vouchers, - not to be used before September 1st 2017, or in accordance with any other sale.



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