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Forehand Shooting

Utilising the Forehand Shot is vital, and hugely important to your game.

Traditional Hit, (First 2)

  1. Ensure the ball is inline of infront

  2. hitting road the ball, not through (Like cricket)

  3. Hands together

  4. Head Still

  5. Experiment with the drop handle style, for a quicker strike

  6. Wide stance on hit

  7. Be side on, shoulder facing the goal

  8. Don't look up until you have completed the hit

  9. Try to keep the ball down, (when passing)

  10. For the slight lift, experiment with ball position and slight angle change in stick face.

Back Space Shot

  1. Here we're looking to keep the ball away from the defender

  2. Quickly trapping the ball and the working your feet into position

  3. Try to receive the ball in the middle of your body

  4. Jump around the ball

  5. Head Still

  6. Encourage the drop hands

  7. Work hands around the back of the ball

  8. Wide base on the hit

  9. Snap shot for surprise

  10. Try a squeeze (more on this soon)

On the Run, Right Foot Hit

  1. The idea is to hit on the move

  2. Running away from the defender, so you cannot be tackled

  3. Drop handle hit

  4. Try to push the ball away, then prepare quickly

  5. Always try to aim far post, as your weight is falling away from the goal

  6. Get your hands around the back of the ball

  7. Ball in line with right foot

  8. Head still

  9. Try to do it in stride and continue running

  10. Hit clean and think of it as a pass

Good luck and happy shooting guys.


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