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10 Tips for Sports Scholarship Success

It's that time of year where children may well be involved with A Scholarship Assessment.

What is a Sports Scholarship?

This is an award given to an athlete who is currently performing at a high level, or indeed shows excellent potential. An award, should celebrate the success of the child, their hard work, dedication and talents.

Awards vary from school to school, with financial benefits on a sliding scale from 10-70% off school fees.

Children typically may have assessments at 11+ and 13+, but also 16+, for sixth-form entry.

I have had the pleasure of working with players over the last 8 years, helping them fine tune their skills, give confidence and help them and parents understand the process, timelines and criteria. (More on this later in the week.)!!

So, to help players, in all sports, here are 10 tips from me, that will hopefully help on the day, and give children the best chance of getting the recognition they deserve.

10 Top Tips

1, Eat well, relax and reduce stress before the day

Think about ways to unwind before your assessment...Different people have different ways to prepare, it may be visualizing like a Bobsleigh team before a run for example..others will just put it at the back of their mind.

2, Kit, shoes, equipment all ready?

Is your stick, racket or shoes all ready to be used, malfunctioning kit on the day would make for a stressful experience.

3, Know your environment.

Familiarise yourself with the pitch, do a warm up you're comfortable with, and wear clothes you're used to and that fit well.

4, Master your basics.

Be technically sound at all moments, touch, passing, etc are the foundations for a good player.

5, Shine at the right opportunity.

Take that chance to showcase your ability, a particular shot, or skill, when could you implement it?

6, Encourage others, to show a team ethic, and togetherness.

Communicate with purpose, be supportive of teammates in a game situation, display characteristics of a team player..

7, Coachability.

Us coaches look for receptive, adaptable individuals that want to learn, improve and take that next step.

8, Be confident, but don't be afraid to ask questions to show willing and interest.

How could you make a lasting impressions, perhaps a question that evokes a positive reaction from a coach/assessor?

9, Fall down, get back up.

Be tough and resilient, demonstrate an attitude of not giving up, especially in the fitness tests.

10, Play with a smile.

Enjoy the experience, and thank Teachers and coaches after different assessments or sessions, this goes a long way, and shows your appreciation.

Remember, it is not the end of the world if your child does not receive a Sports Scholarship, there are plenty of opportunities for recognition, such as 'colours', captaincy, Coaches player and also 'all round' scholarships.

Hopefully, and even if it is just a few of the above tips can help, then I and Gocrea8 have done their job.

Any Questions, please just ask, and we're here to support players and Parents as much as possible.


PS...Take a look at this Infographic Case Study I produced a few years ago, it talks in more detail about the Financial rewards.

Sports Scholarship Case Study
Download PDF • 2.28MB

PPS... More Info coming from another wise head, later this week - keep your eyes peeled...


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