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What we offer

Go 1-2-1 & Small Group Sessions

Assessment of technical ability and basic skills, to correct and improve in a 1-2-1 and small group environment. Players will benefit from intense coaching and repetition of skills, with corrective analysis and feedback to iron out problems and push players onto the next level.

Whatever the level or ability, its offers a unique opportunity to grasp the basics very quickly or challenge yourself with complex and advanced skills for the more able.

Furthermore players looking to apply for Sporting Scholarships can invest time into these sessions to greater their chance of gaining recognition in that of a Sports Award.


Gocrea8 Hockey Courses

Our long standing camps aimed at all abilities aged 7-14 years, girls and boys have been extremely successful at bringing hockey to hundreds of children. The 2/3 day camps cover the basics skills, such as passing and trapping and more advanced skills like shooting on the reverse and 3D skills.

Children are split into similar age and ability groups, so they feel comfortable but also challenged and focused. They will no doubt meet new friends and develop their understanding of the game whilst spending their time in the enthusiastic hands of our excellent coaches and ambassadors.


GoPro Hockey

Designed to broaden the skills and understanding of players working through the single system, playing at JAC, JRPC and NAGs level. Players attending these courses will be assessed and given personnel programmes to stick to. They are encouraged to push themselves hard to take the next step in their hockey progression. Along with working on tightening their basics and fundamentals, players will be guided by highly experienced and performing players skills such as Drag Flicking, Aerials and tactical awareness and game management.

Goalkeeper Masterclasses

We know how important it is for young goalkeepers to improve their technical development and to control their 'D'. So we have put together a very successful set of master-classess run by Centrally Contracted Coach Richard Major. He, and his team of coaches work tirelessly to bring fresh ideas to sessions and of course re-enforce the basics needed to become a top keeper. 

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