8 Week Summer Programme at Cheltenham Ladies' College.

Join one of a number of Hockey Professionals, Coaches, Past and Present Internationals for a small group training session.


Some of our coaches:


Matthew Fairburn, Ex England U21 player, with over 10 years National League Experience, Matt works with a number of schools, and develops players from all ages and abilities.

Liam Brignull, Current Full Welsh International, and GB Development player. Hockey Coach at Dean Close School.

Rhys Gowman, Full Welsh International, and plays at Cardiff and UWIC HC.

Steve Kelly, Current Full Welsh International, and plays for Surbiton HC. Steve Works at Dulwich College. 

Charli Roberts, Hockey Professional at Cheltenham College. 

Dan Jackson, England U18/Exeter UNI

Alex Salmon, Hockey Coach - Wycliffe College/Cheltenham EHL team

Morgan Powell-Jones - Cheltenham HC/Pates School

Emily Hobbs - Cheltenham HC/Beaudesert

Abi Porter - Clifton HC, Ex Junior International

Hywel Jones - Birmingham Uni, Wales Senior Mens

Richard Owen - Cheltenham EHL team

James Foster - Pates Junior/Cheltenham HC

Richard Major - CCC GK Coach

Tamsin Pascoe - Firebrands/England Vets


These are opportunities not to be missed, with Scholarship Assessments and Trials - join us, to give yourself the edge.


Basics, Tune up, Technical assessment, Advanced skill work, Tactical and Positional awareness, Goalkeeping. We have it all covered

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