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New Events and Courses for 2018

We're pleased to be able to offer some new programmes for 2018. In an effort to freshen up our offering, and ensure that we give all players an opportunity to learn from our outstanding coaches and players.

On top of our regular camps we'll have:

1, Advanced skills workshops for both children and coaches. A three hour workshop that will give insight and technical demonstrations on skills suck as: Drag Flicking, Reverse stick hitting, Overheads, 3D skills, Short Corner Attack and Defence and more....

They will be aimed at children 12 years upwards, as we feel they will have the understanding and physical attributes to perform the skills.

2, Additional 8 week small group programmes in new locations. The series of 1.5 hour sessions last summer were a big hit in Cheltenham, and we'll be bringing these to Bristol and Bath.

3, Dedicated days for 1-2-1 sessions. We know how popular these are, and we want players to get exposure to top level coaching from our staff. We'll be holding two days a month in 3/4 locations loving forward. Watch out for our BLACK FRIDAY deal... not to be missed!!!

4, Summer Academies for u11 players in new locations. Two years ago we had a successful programme running and we'll be re-launching for 2018.

5, Educational courses for coaches. More Engaging Games and Intro to Hockey workshops will be happening, so keep your eyes peeled for these popular courses.

6, Goalkeeper Academies for the children with Rich and his team will get started in the NY.

For now, why not check out our Camps and Courses for December 2016:


Matt and the Team.

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