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Our Story

Don't wait for opportunity.
Create it!
Recognised as the leading coaching provider throughout the South-West.
Join us on a journey.

It will be five years this December since our creation, and we've come along way. That said we still have some important foundations we continue to stick to, that's what has made us so successful in the delivery of our programmes and content. 

  1. FUN, all children attending will of course need to be challenged, and to feel that that have taken away learning points and improved, but central to that is the environment is FUN!!

  2. PROGRESSING is something we just love to see, when parent's and children tell us what they have learnt and the smile it leaves, then we feel great too.

  3. INVOLVING children with coaches, players and new friends helps them understand how important sport is, and what it can bring for a child, no matter what the age.

  4. CREATIVE players are a pleasure to watch and we encourage this mentality throughout all programmes, express yourself and try to do something outside of your comfort zone. 

From day dot, we have seen a lot of very talented players come through our programmes and courses and it is now that we begin to offer them the exciting opportunity to help coach and assist on our camps. Players that were 12/13 years back in 2012 are now budding stars and keen to impart their knowledge on the next generation of players coming through.


Below: Rosie Stranack, (JRPC, & Club Player), Max Pemberton, (Club Nationals Winner U16), Sofia Cupper (Performance Centre player and EHL), Ellis Robson (England U16), Jacob Payton (Club & Schools National Winner). All attended back in 2012 and now help assist on our camps and courses.

Finally, our Core Values

Being a creative and 'have a go' sort of player.- We set out to make players expressive and creative, through finding out for themselves and giving them the tools to take their creative juices to the next level.

Involving, progressive and never standing still - Embracing new ideas and ways to find an end result, being open to exploring new processes all whilst with peers, ambassadors and leaders that set great standards.


Tuition, Leadership and coaching excellence.- commitment to actively seeking, recruiting, supporting and developing excellence in the coaching team - coaches who want to innovate and actively engage with the players, providing world-class coaching from beginner to elite levels. Providing players opportunities to positively engage with coaches from a diverse range of backgrounds & hockey philosophies.


Technically Sound - Yes of course we want players to be creative, but we also will make sure players are technically sound. So rest assured, before we get ahead of ourselves.. players with grasp key components and core skills needed. 

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