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Hockey teams in the world with the most trophies

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Hello everyone,,

As part of a research project I am a part of at my work that looks at various factors that can lead to sporting success, our team has been researching and putting together detailed data on the most successful sporting clubs across the world in every team sport! Here is our data for hockey.

We've looked at every competitive club hockey competition in the world, taking into account all officially recognized trophies. For NHL teams, this encompasses the the Stanley Cup, the Presidents' Trophy, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Outside the US and Canada, it encompasses all domestic league championships as well as any domestic cups and continental competitions that are part of the domestic calender (many countries outside North America do not have a playoff system that determines the national champion and instead crown the winner of what would be the 'regular season' in the US and institute an entirely seperate domestic cup competition on the side that runs parallel with the league championship). Non-competitive awards such as pre-season/friendly competitions as well as unofficial awards such as divisional series and wildcard qualification berths in the NHL are not counted as they are not recognized as titles by their respective league and you do not get anything for them.

We actually have more info than this and I could have extended the list beyond the number of teams provided here and turned it into a top 100 or even top 120 list, but for the sake of time and keeping people's interest I wanted to limit it to a top 80. Enjoy!

NOTE: All-Japan Championship and South Korea Championship results are not counted for Japanese and South Korean teams respectively as these are open-all amateur competitions where high schools, universities and army teams enter. Thus, we felt it would not be a fair point of data comparison between professional clubs https://www.easydrivingtest.com.au/learners-driving-test. Japanese team results are thus based on the Japan Ice Hockey League and Asia League, as well as any other continental competitions their clubs take part in, while South Korean team results are based on the Asia League and any other continental competitions their clubs take part in.

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